Jan 25, 2020

Increasing Creativity Through Laughter - Alo Ha ha ha

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Researchers say laughter improves our creativity, productivity and collaboration. Humorous people mostly fire their ideas in flash.

This video is from Linkedin Learning : Creativity for All - Laugh yourself creative

Alo Ah, Ah, Ah......Lets do it regularly, daily:

  • With Family members
  • With Friends
  • With Colleagues
  • Why not with strangers......Say Alo Ah Ah Ah....

May 2, 2016

Electrical Circuits - Complete Preparation Materials for GATE,IES and Competitive exam Aspirants.

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Yes! The subject Electrical Circuits, Circuit Theory and Circuits & Networks resembles alike with just different names. Electrical Circuits is common to Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering Branches. That's why these branches most often promoted as circuit branches. The concepts under electrical circuits are essential for preparing Analog circuits, Power Electronics, Measurementation and Instrumentation and sometimes in digital electronics too. The major part of questions from Electrical circuits can be seen at competitive exams, you can realize this from while solving previous year question papers.

So, What's the objective of this article?
This article answers you the following questions.
  1. What strategy to be implemented for preparations?.
  2. What are the best online tutorial programs(MOOC's)?.
  3. What are the books to be used for preparation?.
  4. Practice questions and solved question papers.
  5. Informative websites for reference.
Bonus material : Already prepared notes for electrical circuits is attached.

Strategy for Preparing Electrical Circuits for Competitive Exams.

Developing the Strategy is not a simple thing. So I made a separate article covering the Best strategy for Preparing competitive exams. Please refer the following link to learn more about detailed strategy making.
Best Strategy To Crack Competitive Exams-Ten Steps From Experienced Aspirant
Electrical Circuits Video Tutorials .

The massive open online courses (MOOC) which provide you the real classroom experiences for you. Tutorials provided are from world renowned universities thought by extraordinary professors. This is at most enough for making your concepts strong. Even the beginners and  aspirant new to the subject can feel easy. Please make a notes from lectures. It will be useful for your revision. Here I provide ten links which is much more enough. It is not necessary to look all tutorial series, rather prefer your best convenience. Please refer the following link for video tutorial series.

Electrical Circuits Video Tutorial for Competitive Exam Aspirants 
Electrical Circuits Books to use.

1) Hayt and Kemmerly - "Engineering Circuit Analysis".
2) Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by alexander and sadiku.
3) Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L Boylestad.

Getting a hard copy of these books are recommended. To Download as a softcopy as ebooks.Please refer the following link.
Best Websites to Download Engineering Books Online.
Practice questions and solved question papers.

  1. GatePapers.in: has plenty of solved Practice questions and solved Gate questions from 1993 to 2015 as a video tutorial (also go through the entire website).
  2. Buy R.K Kanodia the 3 volume series which has only MCQ's and Practice questions. 

Informative websites for reference.

  1. electrical4u.com : Electrical Engineering Concepts are well Explained 
  2. allaboutcircuits.com : Everything about Circuits.
  3. amanogawa.com : For help with understanding and visualizing electromagnetics, transmission lines, antennas, and EMI for PCB design.
  4. electrical-engineering-portal.com :   Everything about machines and other mega stuff.
  5. electronics.wisc-online.com :  Concepts Explained through animations.
  6. electrical-knowhow.com : Electrical Engineer Reference website.
  7. ustudy.in : Good study place for circuit theory.
  8. facstaff.bucknell.edu : Exploring Electrical Engineering through concepts.
  9. electronicstheory.com : We can say it is an online book for electronics and circuits

Bonus Study Materials:

Electrical circuit book by Ace academy as a scanned copy and hand written notes are provided as a bonus material. Click the Download button.

1.Ace Academy Study material.

2.Handwritten notes for Electrical circuits.

The Provided materials are created with deep effort and will be updated periodically. Hope this almost enough for preparing electrical circuits.For your further quires and needs can  be posted as comments.


Electrical Circuits Video Tutorial for Competitive exam Aspirants

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The massive open online courses (MOOC) which provide you the real classroom experiences for you. Tutorials provided are from world renowned universities thought by extraordinary professors. This is at most enough for making your concepts strong. Even the beginners and  aspirant new to the subject can feel easy. Please make a notes from lectures. It will be useful for your revision. Here I provide ten links which is much more enough. It is not necessary to look all tutorial series, rather prefer your best convenience.

Electrical Circuits Video Tutorial for Competitive exam Aspirants

  1. .NPTEL online course by Nagendra Krishnapura from IIT, Madras. He has provided just 24 lectures which are enough for GATE exam Preparation. But for analysis of Analog circuits, 1st & 2nd order circuits might be little tough to understand for aspirant new to this subject.But for other with background knowledge can get them easily. Don't worry There are still nine more lecture series I am going to provide even you can refer them.
      2. Circuits and Electronics from MIT through Edx website.This is MIT standard teaching, So this also a           great series.
https://www.edx.org/course/circuits-electronics-1-basic-circuit-mitx-6-002-1x#!       http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-002-circuits-and-electronics-spring-2007/video-lectures/ 
      3. Linear Circuits from Georgia Institute of technology.
      4. Principles of Electrical Circuits from Tsinghua University.
      5. Circuit Theory from IIT Delhi by Prof. S.C. Dutta Roy.
      6. Networks and Systems Prof V G K Murti Department of Electrical Engineering   IIT, Madras.
      7. Darryl Morrel's Youtube Channel.
      8. Introduction to Electrical Circuits by Ravel Ammerman.
Look at the following Important ! Article. 

Also See : Electrical Circuits - Complete Preparation Materials For GATE,IES And Competitive Exam Aspirants.

Your further need and quires can be expressed in comments. 

Apr 15, 2016

Best Strategy to Crack Competitive Exams-Ten Steps from Experienced Aspirant

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Success Quotes edison
Note: Here I consider the aspirants can be an average minded (i.e: A Person who can realize the meaning of the words mentioned in exam syllabi or a person who has a willingness to study when exact study material are provided). Some Comepetitive Exams are GATE,IES,JEE,CAT,SAT,GRE,GMAT,XAT,SSC,etc. I Promise that this article at least provide and inspires your motivation towards your subjects.

  1. Syllabus for your Exam or subject is first essential you must be having while your preparation starts. If the syllabus is not provided create on your own by starting basics of subjects till it gets to mastered topics.Use a mindmap technique for the flow of topics that to be covered through the syllabus.
  2. Gather the materials required for preparation. Materials in the sense related to MOOC's, Standard Text Books for every subject, Reference text books, Practice questions materials like question banks.
  3. It advised to First go through the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Like NPTEL, MIT Open Courseware, Coursera, Edx, etc.
  4. Please make  Handwritten notes from the lectures. While preparing your notes keep a thought that notes are your first reference material. So prepare it meaningfully. Notes should have Basic definitions, Simple Analogy, Formulas, Block Diagrams, One or Two example Problems based on topics, etc.
  5. After finishing MOOC, you might get a basic Idea of subjects. Now move on to  Reading books. Yes, of course, there will be a plethora of books for every subject. Use standard books which are generally preferred or suggested by your professor. Buy Hard copy of  standard author books. Keep Soft copy of reference author books. Also See: Best websites to download Books.
  6. Keep your Prepared notes (which was taken during MOOC) aside, while you are reading. Make some extra points with a pencil that was not mentioned by your professor during MOOC session.
  7. Please don't have the plan of reading an entire book. It's waste of time. Make Sure you always stick your Syllabus. Be Strong in your concepts.  
  8. After reading from standard author book, make a habit of Referring other related books(Reference Books). This makes a concept knowledge still deeper. 
  9. Practice problems from standard textbook and at least have a look on problems from reference books. Practicing problems make you better critical thinking aspirant. By now you are strong with subject three-dimensionally and you know, how to use formulas in problems and have tendency to solve basic problems.Which means you mastered your subject theoretically.
  10. But to think tactically in competitive exams and in some practical occasions, steps that were done before is still not enough because competitive exam questions and practical applications will not be having easy problems that you faced in books. So get a competitive exam materials like related question banks( Its good to have Individual Book for every subject). Practice lot of questions until you exhaust.
Revise from your notes periodically so that you don't forget. Revision is only way to stick your concepts in your mind permanently. These are considered to be essentials when you prepare for competitive exams. Following this strategy will sure to keep you in success path.

Now it's Time for Motivation:

Best Strategy to Crack Competitive Exams

Your comments are my motivation. Awaiting for your ideas.

Mar 11, 2016

How to Troubleshoot FeedBurner Errors

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The FeedBurner Errors are usual. But some who had experienced Bloggers, WordPress users and web designers are used to Troubleshoot easily with these errors as they are very easy to get fixed. But these errors are the major concern to newbies. So here I share you the basic usual errors and provide you how to troubleshoot[Fix] these errors.


How to Troubleshoot[Fix] "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" Error:

1.Check with your alternate email ID which is not owned your host(don't log in with host email)   in email subscription widget on your website.
2.If  you had an error message "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" as of  following image.
The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled

4.Move to required blog or website which you are facing with this problem under Feed Title
5.Go to Publicize tab.
6.Under Services(left side) you will find Email Subscriptions Click that.
7.By the end click on the enable e-mail subscription box to enable it.

Final Step: Repeat Step 1 and verify again with Step 2.

Even then if you facing the same error: "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled"

1.Go to template(theme) in HTML editing mode.
2.Locate the FeedBurner widget by searching.
3.You may find this snippet of code(or something related to this with slight variation).
<form style="border:1px solid #ccc;padding:3px;text-align:center;" action="https://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify" method="post" target="popupwindow" onsubmit="window.open('https://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=NewsyDroozy', 'popupwindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true"><p>Enter your email address:</p><p><input type="text" style="width:140px" name="email"/></p><input type="hidden" value="NewsyDroozy" name="uri"/><input type="hidden" name="loc" value="en_US"/><input type="submit" value="Subscribe" /><p>Delivered by <a href="https://feedburner.google.com" target="_blank">FeedBurner</a></p></form>
4.Change Newsydroozy with your username(which you find under feed title when you log in). 
5.Save your Template(theme).
6.Check with your alternate email ID which is not owned your host(don't log in with host email)   in email subscription widget on your website.

That's it. we are done.

Comment you quires. 

Mar 10, 2016

Educational Inspiration a common man's Burning Desire

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The School, Which defines the entire child's life in a short span. Where every child spends their vast time in a valuable manner only in their schools, as of the formal education system.The time they are with books, teacher and friends are considerably more than with their parents. Schools are which shapes the character, attitude and teach us a good way to lead our social and moral life.
Even though I missed my opportunity in urban schools, I had my studies in a good school in small town, where teachers worked for their passion. That offered me some best qualities to lead my life.

Educational Inspiration
Credit: wikimedia.org

When I look at some government schools which are located in my surroundings and in my native village. There will be a big Gate opened 24x7 for students even without compound walls for those schools. Often they used to have classes under trees because the buildings are under construction for past ten plus years since the school have been started. Lack ambiance for studies to that children. There will be few classrooms approximately three teachers and one principal teaching for all eight standards in that schools. Sometimes I was stumbled as a passer-by, How teachers really manage? How the life of every child will be?Where they go after studies? How would they lead their life?.Then what about the children from millions of government School. We can't accept this huge number but this is the actual fact that happen as usual in a silent circumstance. From the students side, they stick to thought this is what the school is and this how they look because of lack exposure to them.

School Children Praying

Once I had a small talk with my M.D's car driver. That privileged man told me, that he could still remember his centum in mathematics in his SSLC exam. The absence of proper guidance from the teacher and his family's poverty forced to start his career at the age of seventeen as a lorry cleaner. I don't know, we might have lost a great Indian Mathematician now. We must look at every minute mistake because this pushes us to a undramatic situation. I don't want to blame anyone because that's their uniqueness. So how the situation is going to change in future?.I Believe this Happens only when every individual realize their importance of everything, that they are doing.Hope this article would bring the change at least to a minimal extent . My intuition forced me, why can't I do the great, I could deliver a content in a good manner with my Explanatory Skill. So I planned to deliver a best content in my blog as a passion. Still there will be many Nobel people voice joining this blog very soon.By Finally I Believe in words of the youngest Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai that One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen can Change the world.  Then don't Miss this Video.

Common Man's Voice of Love :

Please Post your views as comments . Your Comments are my Inspiration. We Welcome for Guest Post under Title "Common man's Voice" and "Public Causes". To act as a Guest Author mail your Article to harigobu.gb@gmail.com 

Sep 13, 2015

Wireless Power Transmission from UAV using Image Processing Technique

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Hai there,
Here i share my Engineering Project with you. Its time get in now to fly and caputre pics of glorious earth to transfer power for energising this green land.

Wireless Power Transmission from UAV using Image Processing Technique


Wireless magnetic resonant power transfer is an emerging technology that has many advantages over other wireless power transfer methods due to its safety, lack of impedance, and efficiency at medium ranges. Power is generated by wireless magnetic resonant power system which is fixed to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to provide power or to recharge batteries of wireless sensors and other electronics far removed from the electric grid. As to increase the amount of power transfer the UAV is controlled by knowing the load’s axis where to maintain the axis of UAV and load with each other. Image processing technique is used to find the axis of the ground load to establish maximum resonance for maximum power transfer. On grasping of ground load images as frames we could get the inclination of UAV with respective to the axis of the ground load. This enable us for better control of UAV. This system can be used to transfer power where connection to electrical grid is not feasible.


Electricity and its power transmission from one place to another is one of the vital roles in day today life. It’s very essential in science and technology; still the researches are going on to transfer power from one end to another end. Scientists use different methodologies (modes) to transfer power via microwaves; laser, induction coupling, magnetic resonance induction coupling and still the technologies are emerging to increase the efficiency to reduce the losses. Based on this modes of transmission; we want to give a solution for this. So here we transmit power from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to ground loads (sensors, LED’S, batteries) which are far away from the electric grid with greater efficiency. Here we use magnetic resonance induction coupling to increase the range of power transfer.

The principle used is Magnetic Resonance Induction Coupling. Inductive coupling works on the principle of electromagnetism. When a wire is proximity to a magnetic field, it induces a magnetic field in that wire. Transferring energy between wires through magnetic fields is inductive coupling. Magnetic resonant coupling uses the same principles as inductive coupling, but it uses resonance to increase the range at which the energy transfer can efficiently take place. Since the transmission is based on resonance, maximum resonance has to be maintained for maximum power transfer. The system consists of resonant power source, a resonant power capture device, a portable battery which is carried by UAV and a resonant repeater that boosts the oscillating magnetic field. For establishing maximum resonance and to increase the efficiency Image Processing technique is used. In image processing the ground load image is processed to find the axis. Using this parameter Unmanned Aerial vehicle can be positioned exactly to match both the ground load and copter axis.

The Major contributions provided hare are 1) Making a resonant power transfer system which can be implemented and operated from a Unmanned aerial vehicle, 2) As along using image processing technique for optimization of power transfer, and 3) Experimentally demonstrating the ability to transfer power to loads located in ground. Observations from image processing technique suggest the possibility of being able to use feedback to generate an autonomous controller for finding and optimizing proximity to the sensor node for power transfer.

Magnetic resonance induction coupling: Inductive Power transmission are enhanced by resonant circuits. In a system with low coupling factor, where resonant circuit can give good efficiency of power transmission. The resonator in the receiver end consists of the inductance coil and a capacitor. The transmitter end can also have a resonator. The common circuit diagram is shown in Figure 1. The resonant capacitors terminates the stray inductance in the receiver and the magnetizing inductance in the transmitter (Tx).

Resonant Induction Principle

The only limit for the power transmission now is the winding resistances of the coils, which impedance is less range of magnitude lower than that of the inductance. Finally, for a given source, much more power can be received. Inductive coupling also has good efficiency and power transfer over short distances, but generally the transmission of energy diminishes at a rate of 1/x3 as distance increases.

Wireless power transmission system: Wireless power transmission can achieved very easily, but obtaining good efficiency is really matters. This can be done by having needed quality factor and coupling factor and it is even better to consider transmitter coil(Tx) and receiver coil(Rx) structures.

A. Quality factor: The ratio of the inductance L to the resistance R of a coil remains same for different winding arrangements in the same volume and shape. The quality factor express how well a resonant coil can hold energy without losses to heat. The formal definition of quality factor is the ratio of apparent power to the power losses in a device.
B. Coupling factor: Coupling factor rely upon distance between the transmit(Tx) and receive coils(Rx), only a small amount of the magnetic flux is generated by the transmitter coil will penetrates the receiver coil and contributes to the power transmission. When the Receiver gets more flux then it has better coupling effect. The coupling is expressed by the coupling factor k.
    The range of coupling factor is between 0 and 1. Where one expresses perfect coupling, i.e. Flux generated by Tx coil is completely received by the Rx coil. The Zero shows that where transmitter (Tx) and receiver coils(Rx) are not in axis to one another. The coupling factor(k) is determined by the gap between the inductors and their respective size. Coupling factor is also determined by the structure of the coils and the inclinations between them. Moving of transmitter coil from its axis causes a decrease of k. Figure 2 will describe this effect for an ideal arrangement of planar coils. It shows the measured and calculated coupling factor at different inclinations and different distances among coils. The range between 0.3 to 0.6 are well enough for good coupling factor. It is also to be noted that negative coupling factor means that the receiver captures the magnetic flux below the coil.
   The value of Q can have between zero to infinity, but it is tough to get values far above thousand for coils. For big production we may obtain values around hundred. A quality factor should not be less than ten. These are to be considered as the typical values of magnitude. For a constant operating frequency, the Q factor is mainly dependent on the structures of the coil as well as the materials used.

Wireless Power Transmission from UAV using Image Processing Technique


  Circuit diagram for wireless power transmission based on principle of wireless power transmission is shown in Figure 3.
By maintaining good Quality factor and Coupling factor the structure of transmitter coil and receiver coil design is shown in Figure 4.

Wireless Power Transmission from UAV using Image Processing Technique

   Finding inclinations using image processing:The transmitter coil which is fixed in UAV has to maintain its position at the axis with respective to the receiver where this alignment has to be kept fixed with slight movements are allowable because UAV cannot be stabilized at particular position so moving up or down a inch will affect only a minute change in power transfer. On working in remote areas where we should know the exact location and position of load for controlling UAV. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can be controlled by wireless remote communication but for achieving more precision, image processing technique is used through MATLAB. The load image is taken as live video which has to be transmitted to controller (i.e)CPU. The received video is converted as frames and every frame has to be processed with image processing software. On using certain algorithm for finding center of axis of load (receiver) with respective to the transmitter coil(Tx), where this gives the amount of inclination of transmitter which is fixed in UAV.

Wireless Power Transmission from UAV using Image Processing Technique

   With obtained output inclination on MATLAB, the UAV can be controlled to desired position. This process happens at every instant until the both transmitter and receiver axis are matched with eachother. At the time of perfect match of axis the output is indicated as “axis matched”.
Steps for Finding Center of Axis: Received Frames are converted as series of images and loaded to image processing software. Loaded images are converted to gray scale image where image is segmented in parts and edges are detected this gives histogram of variance from histogram the amount of inclinations is found.
According to the algorithm for finding center of axis
• If obtained output value of inclination is greater 210 then center of axis is matched.
• If obtained output value of inclination is greater than60 and less than 100 then center of axis is inclined Bottom.
• If the output value of inclination is less than 50 then center of axis is inclined Top.
• If the output value of inclination is greater than 100 and less than 150 then center of axis is inclined Left.
• If the output value of inclination is greater than 150 and less than 200 then center of axis is inclined Right.
• Apart from this range any other values gives the output as out of range.
  The output indicated will enable us to know the current position of the UAV with respective to Receiver coil. From this output we can make our UAV to be control our in perfect alignment till the power transfer process happens.
Analysis of wireless power transfer system
A. Current Vs Distance Graph: In Current vs Distance Curve of Figure 5 we come know that current decreases as the distance increase which denotes that induced emf gets decreased as the gap between the transmitter and receiver increased. Current is inversely proportional to distance.Wireless Power Transmission from UAV using Image Processing Technique

Voltage Vs Distance Graph: In Voltage Vs Distance Curve of Figure 6 we can see that voltage is constant this is because the rectified voltage received is passed through voltage Regulator which makes the output to flow at constant rate.The amount of power transfer will P=V.I where the maximum of 5W of energy is transmitted. This may vary as the with the small amount of change in distance of UAV. So the 2% of error is tollarable.

On considering usual wired power system where we could get output with maximum efficiency but in this, the critical case when transferring power to long remote areas where wireless power transfer systems arise but comparatively the efficiency depends on how well the coils of transmitter and receiver are coupled with each other. In this system we obtained maximum of 5W where this could be enhanced in many ways in future. Increasing the thickness of the coil and number turns of the coil will tend easily to increase the amount of power transfer. By placing the meta material slab between the transmitter coil and receiver coil will be increasing the output without changing the size of transmitter and receiver system.

For full project report, add mail Id as comment below. You quires can be clarified through comments and I am so glad to hear your  sparkling ideas for further enhancements in projects so kindly share your comments. 

N. Tesla, “Apparatus for transmitting electrical energy,” Patent US 1 119 732, Dec. 1, 1914.
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Vinoth kumar, Wireless Energy Transfer Possibility, http://thinkquestprojects.blogspot.in/2012/01/wir elessenergytransfer- possibility.html

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