Aug 21, 2012

How To Run Windows and Mac OS on Galaxy S3 (Remote Control)

There have a lot of coolest Android apps in Google Play Store are widgets that let you use your Android Phones and Tablet as a remote control. You can control and use all the application that installed on your Windows or Mac OS PC remotely on Android Phones. The Android remote control apps are free, and most are a few bucks or less are includes: TeamViewver,  Mocha VNC,  LogMein and PocketCloud.
I have tried to setup and run Windows OS remotely on my Galaxy S3 by using Logmein application. The step to setup this application function is simple and easy, here is the tutorial:
Step 1: Go to the logmein site and then crate an logmein account.
Step 2: Download and install Logmein application into your Windows or Mac OS PC (or laptop).
Step 3: Run Logmein application on your PC (or laptop).
Step 4:   On your Galaxy S3, go to logmein site and then login to your registered account.
Step 5:  Then click the PC icon logmein dashboard to connect Galaxy S3 to the PC.
Step 6: Message will Prompt out, then you need enter your PC login user name and Password (Note: This is your PC user name and Password,  not is your register Logmein account user name and password).
Step 7: That’s all. Enjoys Windows OS on your Galaxy S3. You can remote control and use any Windows application (Installed in PC) via your Galaxy S3.


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