Sep 1, 2012

How To Fix ( Unbrick ) Soft Bricked Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

Flashing a custom ROM into basically means to load a custom or unofficial ROM into your Android phones. A custom ROM, kernel is the full Android OS customized by thedeveloper that  usually to make it faster, provide better battery-life or add more new and better features. In order to flash a custom ROM you must first root (Link: latest tutorial how to root Samsung Galaxy s3) your device and install CWM Recovery.
All the step to flash ROM, install Kernel, Root and Install CWM Recovery into the Galaxy s3 is easy. You only need Odin application to flash the related kernel and custom into your Galaxy S3. Sure, flash any custom ROM or kernel into Galaxy s3 may break your phones waranty ( You can solve by:  unroot Galaxy S3, Reset flash counter, restore back to original stock ROM ) and has the risk to brick your Galaxy S3 (What is brick). Here is the tutorial how to unbrick softbrick Verizon galaxy S3 .We thank PureMotive from the XDA forum for coming out with this trick:

Note: This Unbrick method is only for Verizon Galaxy S3. Refer to the source link to get more info if you not sure about your Galaxy S3 devices. You can refer tutorial  here if your want to fix or unbrick your Galaxy S3 GTi9300.
Step 1: Download and Install Odin on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Open the Open. Then Select only the following box: F. Reset Time.
Step 3: Turn your phones into downloading Mode and then connect to your PC via USB.
Step 4: Message “Added” on the Odin indicated that your Odin was connected to your Galaxy S3.
Step 5: Flash the VRALEC bootchain in the PDA section and wait for a PASS message. Then Reset ODIN.
Step 6: Flash the VRALF bootchain in the PDA section and wait for a PASS message. Then Reset ODIN.
Step 7: Put the stock.vzw_root66.tar in the PDA section. Then Select the following boxes: Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time, Nand Erase All
Now you have success flashed all the file (Root66.tar , VRALEC bootchain , VRALF bootchain) into your verizon Galaxy S3. Now follow the step below to wipe your Galaxy S3 Data- delete all your galaxy S3 Data, reset the setting and installed application.
Step 1: Reboot into Stock Recovery (hold volume-up, home button, power button simultaneously)
 Step 2: Now your are in the Stock Recovery Mode, then you need:
   Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe cache partition
Step 3: Reboot your Verizon Galaxy s3 now, enjoys!
Download Odin: Link
Download  Root66.tar , VRALEC bootchain , VRALF bootchain: Link (XDA, PureMotive)


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