Oct 24, 2012

DIY USB Jig For Samsung Galaxy S3 To Boot Into Download Mode

To root Galaxy S3 or not? Galaxy S3 users know that both of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Galaxy S3. Rooted Galaxy S3 can be fully control by you, but the root or modifying galaxy S3 firmware has the risk of void your manufacturer’s warranty and the worse problem is “Soft Brick”. Soft Brick that i mean here is your Galaxy S3 cant be boot into Android OS and Download Mode. If your galaxy s3 cant be boot into download Mode, then mean that you cant manually flash any firmware or ROM into Galaxy S3 via Odin.
In the previous tutorial, i have shared with you on how to unroot Galaxy S3, downgrade galaxy S3 firmware, reset Galaxy S3 binary counter and more. Today, lets discuss more on the USB JIG- How to made your own USB JIG for Galaxy S3.
Step 1: You need 5 pin micro USB connector and 300K resistors.
- Note:  Pin 1 is Vbus pin. Pin 2 is Data – Pin, Pin 3 is Data+ Pin, Pin 4 is ID pin, and Pin 5 is signal Gnd Pin.
Step 2: Now you need Pull Down the pin 4 connection  by  connect the  micro USB connector Pin 4 to the Pin 5 with 300k resistance. Here I connect the SMT 100k resistance in serial (Ohm Law- Total Resistance R=R1+R2+R3) to the Pin 5.
Step 3: Connect the DIY micro USB connector to your Galaxy S3 USB port.
Step 4: Your Galaxy S3 will boot into Downloading Mode after 5sec.

Yes, that’s all as very simple and easy tutorial enable your software brick Galaxy S3 boot into download Mode. But, this USB JIG only can boot your galaxy S3 into download mode and unable to clear the Binary Counter as what can perform in Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note . So, if you want to clear your galaxy S3 binary counter, then you can refer the step by step tutorial here.


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