Oct 22, 2012

How To Tether Galaxy Note 2 as Portable WiFi Hotspot

Tethering Samsung Android smartphones not is a big issues. All Samsung Galaxy smartphones build in tethering feature that allows sharing the internet connection with other devices such as laptop , smartphone and Tablet. Tethering Samsung Android smartphones is  very simple and you can turn On the type of the tethering and set the WEB encryption to your hotspot Wi-Fi.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GTN7100 has build in the  tethering and portable hotspot function. So,without root Galaxy Note 2 and install any 3rd party tethering apps, you can fully surf the web on your laptop anywhere using your Galaxy Note 2 data plan. Here is step by step how to tether Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GTN7100 that running Android 4.1.1 N7100DXALI9 firmware as Wifi Hotspot and connect to laptop:
Step 1: Go To Galaxy Note 2 Settings>More settings> Tethering and portable hotspot.
Step 2: Press on the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot .

Step 3: Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot setting Page will prompt out. Now press on the “Configure” button.
Step 4: Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot setting page will prompt out. Now you can rename the network SSID and set the password. Then press the “Save” but ton.

Step 5: Now you can start the portable Wifi by press the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot button. That’s all tethering setting for your galaxy Note 2.
Step 6: Now, turn on your laptop Wifi. Then click connect to your Galaxy Note 2 “network SSID”, example here network SSID is “rootgalaxys3iii.com”.

Step 7: The Network Security key message will prompt out. Now, you enter the password that you have set into your Galaxy Note 2 for the tethering the Wi-Fi hotspot.

That’s all, enjoys!


  1. Does this setting work for windows xp service pack2 also. As the pic shows that you have windows7

  2. ya absolutely it works,as windows xp is the basic platform for the following windowsOS which appeared next to XP


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