Jun 30, 2013

CASUAL-R527b Root and Recovery for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4

Thinking about rooting and installing the fantastic TWRP recovery on your brand new AT&T Galaxy S 4? Are you looking for a more CASUAL™ way of going about things? Give it a go with Cross-platform Android Scripting and Unified Auxiliary Loader!
As with all things CASUAL, this comes by way of  Developer AdamOutler. However, ultimate credit for these wiles that Adam has packaged into this iteration of CASUAL goes to  Developer djrbliss. As Adam puts it:
So what can you expect with Adam’s tool? As with the other CASUAL-packaged root methods, this will root your device and install the fantastic TWRP recovery with a single click. Furthermore, as the C in CASUAL implies, this Java-based program will run on any OS, provided that you have Java installed. In addition to having Java on the host machine, you also need to have USB debugging enabled on the target device.
CASUAL will guide you through the process. Put your device into “Developer Mode>USB Debugging”. Click the do it button. If you experience a problem, PLEASE USE THE PASTEBIN button to post a log. CTRL+L>Pastebin> come back here and press ctrl+V.

You will need to download and execute the CASUAL application below. Then click the Do It! button. You need Java. Do you have Java?.
note: if it fails, try turning everything off and back on, then run it again before posting for help, and remember... Log or it didn't happen, CTRL+L->Pastebin.

Windows 32/64 Users: CASUAL will put your device into Download Mode. It will automatically flash everything. If drivers are required, jrloper's CADI (CASUAL Automated Driver installer) will handle it. Make sure you're connected to the internet.
Windows 8 is supported but you must install drivers for Download Mode first. See this following
Use Zadig with your phone in download mode.


Options->List All Devices
Select "Gadget Serial" from the dropdown
Click Replace driver


Also get PM me a link to your newest log, I have to get this CADI issue with Windows 8 figured out.

We managed to squeeze in support for Windows XP. Let me know how it works XP users.

Linux 32/64/raspberry pi Users There may be a permission escalation in order to install heimdall, either way sit back and relax. CASUAL automates the entire process. Please run the following in a terminal first:
sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk gksu dpkg
Mac Users: Mac works easier than any other system at the time of this systems. Some Macs (especially Macbook Air) have a problem with USB port voltages and that causes the device not to be recognized.

 for download click the link below
Root and Recovery for ATT-TMO GS4-CASUAL-R527b CASUAL is used to automate the process. The exploit was developed by Recognized Developer djrbliss. Any donations should go to him. I'm just here for error logs. To run CASUAL you need Java. Do you have Java?
For Nightly CASUAL builds go here: http://goo.im/devs/AdamOutler/i337-GalaxyS4

Help and Troubleshooting
Are you having a problem? First check this post out for remedial troubleshooting. 

70% of problems with CASUAL involve USB cables and USB ports. All other problems can be tracked back to Windows XP.

CASUAL Stops and my phone is in Odin Mode/Download Mode
Use a different USB cable and a different USB port. Personally, I have two USB cables which work for everything and anything but they fail when it comes to Odin/Download Mode.

CASUAL displays Disconnected and won't let me press the button
Put your device into ADB mode. Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging

CASUAL is not working and it's not something above
Did you install drivers? If you installed drivers, you need to uninstall and delete them. You don't need them because Windows installs them. Actually, they're poisonous, and some drivers install themselves with a future date which causes them to be un-upgradable. This means, you've shot yourself in the foot. You can run Samsung Kies and do the troubleshoot connection wizard, or you can go to device manager and uninstall the driver + delete driver.

CASUAL is not working and I'm absolutely sure it's not a driver issue
  1. Let everything sit for a bit. CASUAL will generally pop up a troubleshooting message.
  2. If you're sure nothing has happened for the last 3 minutes, disconnect the USB and restart the device normally.
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Try again using a new stock USB cable, on a different USB port, preferably located in the back of the computer.

I just want to annoy you
First grab a hammer and go outside into the back yard and hit yourself repeatedly in the head. If you do not have a hammer, borrow one from your neighbor. If you don't have a yard, borrow one from your neighbor. If you don't have a head, mission accomplished.
 If that doesn't fix it, then press CTRL+L, press the Pastebin button, come back here and press CTRL+V to paste your log. Don't hit the donate button, that doesn't fix it. Use CTRL+L and then hit Pastebin and paste the log here if you need help. Most problems simply require you to reboot your device or computer or removing and "delete driver" any drivers you installed. If you installed drivers to start with, remove them (and delete driver from device manager), because this device is fully supported natively by Windows and 3rd party drivers cause problems.

We also provided a video for those who want to see it in action before applying it on their own devices:

CASUAL stands for Cross-platform Android Scripting, Univeral Auxiliary Loader. CASUAL jar files are a wrapper for the CASUAL scripting language. CASUAL can be modified with your favorite zip tool and full source code (including this exploit) is available at http://android-casual.googlecode.com . CASUAL allows rapid and accurate deployment of hacks and exploits. At any time, if a serious problem is detected with any script, the kill-switch will be flipped and you will be brought to a support page (most likely here) so you can download the latest version. Otherwise for minor corrections, new CASUAL scripts can be deployed remotely.

TODO:I need the name of the update APK so I can target and kill it with CASUAL.



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