Jun 29, 2013

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment – Genuine Work

There are many ways through which we can make money online and each way has its own requirements like Marketing Skill, Content Writing Skill, Web Development Skill etc.  Mostly many search for Online Jobs Without Investment to minimize the risk of loosing money.

Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Recently I came through a site called Megatypers.com which pays for Online Data Entry jobs or work.  So I started to search about this website and I came to know that this one is not a scam from Registered Members comments.

I registered myself and these are the reviews about MegaTypers.com:

  • Megatypers.com seems to be genuine but the amount they pay is very less.  It starts from $0.6 to $1.05 for every 1000 images and the rate varies every hour (So it’s always better to work on hours wherein the pay is high)
  • Each image consist of a CAPTCHA Image which may consist of one or two words and both the words have to be entered correctly that too within 15 second else you will be kicked out (Multiple kicks can lead to account getting banned)
  • Affiliate program is available wherein you make 10% of your affiliates earning (So more the no. of referrals more is the chance of making more money)
  • Payment will be done on every Monday and the minimum amount required is $3
  • Making multiple ID’s or cheating can lead to account getting banned and payment won’t be made on any of those accounts

How to Register in MegaTypers.com?

Step 1: Go to megatypers.com/register and create an Account

Step 2: Fill in your details

Following steps are very important.

Step 3: Invitation Code is must for registering so you can use 738R, 738S, 73BV… That’s all!!!
People will say that you can easily make around $100 every month on such sites but it’s very difficult without a proper plan.  Let me show you a small calculation which can be achieved but will take some amount of time:
Imagine you complete 500 images every day (working for an hour) at the rate of $1 every 1000 images
Your monthly earning = $0.5 * 30 = $15
Now imagine that you have 50 referrals under you and they do the same amount of work as you do
Earnings from referral = (50 * $15) * 10% = $75
Total monthly earning = $90
So if you work as per this plan then you can end up making around $90 working for 1 hour every day.  Gaining referral is easy in this case as registration requires referral code.
We can’t depend on such Online Data Entry Jobs for our living, instead we can do such work whenever we are bored just for some relaxation, fun and meanwhile can make some money too. So this is one of the best online data entry jobs without investment for sure.
Note: There are many reviews from visitors saying that they do ban account (This happens when we type in the wrong word again and again). So try it at your own risk also the pay you get from such sites are very very less.
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