Oct 2, 2013

How To Unlock Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1

We take an issue with the word ‘unlock,’ preferring to call it a ‘jailbreak’ because that term is exempted by the DMCA.
The process couldn’t be easier Wihtout CASUAL software.The software provides a GUI for scripts that use the Android Developer Bridge (ADB) and it works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. The power of CASUAL is well represented in this procedure. Adam’s demo video shows that clicking the Do It button and following the prompts is all it really takes. From there, the script performs an IROM unlock using exploits.

Take Note Verizon - Root/Jailbreak/Recovery

Hey, you can't jailbreak an Android.. yeah, i know, but "Jailbreak" is a protected act under the USA DMCA Exemption of 2012 and "Unlocking" is illegal without carrier permission. There will be no misunderstandings here.

This is not a normal bootloader unlock. This is even higher. It's an IROM unlock. This device went from the most secure Galaxy Note 10.1 to the least secure. After performing the technique in this thread your device will allow you to flash a Justin Beiber MP3 over your bootloaders (that means a hard brick). BE VERY CAREFUL and never flash with Odin or Heimdall unless you're absolutely sure it is intended for a SCH-I925. Odin or Heimdall can easily brick your device.

CASUAL will guide you through the process of unlocking your bootloader using exploits developed by Lee Harrison. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Put your device into “Developer Mode>USB Debugging”. Click the do it button. Any problems will be addressed with updates. See the About CASUAL section below.

You are expected to be STOCK.... Stock anything, but stock. This will install a stock kernel and that may affect non-stock roms. You will need to download and execute the CASUAL application below. Make sure you're connected to the internet. Then click the Do It! button. You need Java. Do you have Java?.

Windows 32/64 Users: CASUAL will put your device into Download Mode. It will automatically flash everything. If drivers are required, jrloper's CADI (CASUAL Automated Driver installer) will handle it. Make sure you're connected to the internet.

Linux 32/64/raspberry pi Users There may be a permission escalation in order to install heimdall, either way sit back and relax. CASUAL automates the entire process.
Please run the following in a terminal first:

Mac Users: Mac works easierr than any other system at the time of this release on 32bit systems. Please report problems.

Take Note Verizon CASUAL(R478b) CASUAL is used to automate the process. The exploit was developed by Elite Recognized Developer Ralekdev and packaged by AdamOutler. To run CASUAL you need Java. Do you have Java?

Note: Please don't mirror this file. Link to this thread for download. d-h.st is a fast server. If I find people mirroring old versions of CASUAL, i will throw the killswitch and their browser will bring them back here to download the new one so they end up downloading it twice, otherwise I have to support multiple versions.

Demonstration on Linux. It is roughlty the same on Windows and Mac, but if anyone wants to make a video I will put it here.

CASUAL stands for Cross-platform ADB Scripting, Univeral Android Loader. CASUAL jar files are a wrapper for the CASUAL scripting language. CASUAL allows rapid and accurate deployment of hacks and exploits. CASUAL is an Open Format, meaning, you can find out as much as you need to about how it works because they're easily taken apart and modified with WinZip. CASUAL is also secure. At any time, if a serious problem is detected with any script, the kill-switch will be flipped and you will be brought to a support page (most likely here) so you can download the latest version. Otherwise for minor corrections, new CASUAL scripts can be deployed remotely.

Here's a picture of CASUAL and a Verizon GNote10.1 running Team Win Recovery


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