Mar 10, 2016

Educational Inspiration a common man's Burning Desire

The School, Which defines the entire child's life in a short span. Where every child spends their vast time in a valuable manner only in their schools, as of the formal education system.The time they are with books, teacher and friends are considerably more than with their parents. Schools are which shapes the character, attitude and teach us a good way to lead our social and moral life.
Even though I missed my opportunity in urban schools, I had my studies in a good school in small town, where teachers worked for their passion. That offered me some best qualities to lead my life.

Educational Inspiration

When I look at some government schools which are located in my surroundings and in my native village. There will be a big Gate opened 24x7 for students even without compound walls for those schools. Often they used to have classes under trees because the buildings are under construction for past ten plus years since the school have been started. Lack ambiance for studies to that children. There will be few classrooms approximately three teachers and one principal teaching for all eight standards in that schools. Sometimes I was stumbled as a passer-by, How teachers really manage? How the life of every child will be?Where they go after studies? How would they lead their life?.Then what about the children from millions of government School. We can't accept this huge number but this is the actual fact that happen as usual in a silent circumstance. From the students side, they stick to thought this is what the school is and this how they look because of lack exposure to them.

School Children Praying

Once I had a small talk with my M.D's car driver. That privileged man told me, that he could still remember his centum in mathematics in his SSLC exam. The absence of proper guidance from the teacher and his family's poverty forced to start his career at the age of seventeen as a lorry cleaner. I don't know, we might have lost a great Indian Mathematician now. We must look at every minute mistake because this pushes us to a undramatic situation. I don't want to blame anyone because that's their uniqueness. So how the situation is going to change in future?.I Believe this Happens only when every individual realize their importance of everything, that they are doing.Hope this article would bring the change at least to a minimal extent . My intuition forced me, why can't I do the great, I could deliver a content in a good manner with my Explanatory Skill. So I planned to deliver a best content in my blog as a passion. Still there will be many Nobel people voice joining this blog very soon.By Finally I Believe in words of the youngest Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai that One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen can Change the world.  Then don't Miss this Video.

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  1. Good one man!! Wish that your voice for education may echo in many a heads, And be a part of it!! Keep Going....

    1. Thanks a lot dude,Supporting with your great words.


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