Apr 15, 2016

Best Strategy to Crack Competitive Exams-Ten Steps from Experienced Aspirant

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Note: Here I consider the aspirants can be an average minded (i.e: A Person who can realize the meaning of the words mentioned in exam syllabi or a person who has a willingness to study when exact study material are provided). Some Comepetitive Exams are GATE,IES,JEE,CAT,SAT,GRE,GMAT,XAT,SSC,etc. I Promise that this article at least provide and inspires your motivation towards your subjects.

  1. Syllabus for your Exam or subject is first essential you must be having while your preparation starts. If the syllabus is not provided create on your own by starting basics of subjects till it gets to mastered topics.Use a mindmap technique for the flow of topics that to be covered through the syllabus.
  2. Gather the materials required for preparation. Materials in the sense related to MOOC's, Standard Text Books for every subject, Reference text books, Practice questions materials like question banks.
  3. It advised to First go through the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Like NPTEL, MIT Open Courseware, Coursera, Edx, etc.
  4. Please make  Handwritten notes from the lectures. While preparing your notes keep a thought that notes are your first reference material. So prepare it meaningfully. Notes should have Basic definitions, Simple Analogy, Formulas, Block Diagrams, One or Two example Problems based on topics, etc.
  5. After finishing MOOC, you might get a basic Idea of subjects. Now move on to  Reading books. Yes, of course, there will be a plethora of books for every subject. Use standard books which are generally preferred or suggested by your professor. Buy Hard copy of  standard author books. Keep Soft copy of reference author books. Also See: Best websites to download Books.
  6. Keep your Prepared notes (which was taken during MOOC) aside, while you are reading. Make some extra points with a pencil that was not mentioned by your professor during MOOC session.
  7. Please don't have the plan of reading an entire book. It's waste of time. Make Sure you always stick your Syllabus. Be Strong in your concepts.  
  8. After reading from standard author book, make a habit of Referring other related books(Reference Books). This makes a concept knowledge still deeper. 
  9. Practice problems from standard textbook and at least have a look on problems from reference books. Practicing problems make you better critical thinking aspirant. By now you are strong with subject three-dimensionally and you know, how to use formulas in problems and have tendency to solve basic problems.Which means you mastered your subject theoretically.
  10. But to think tactically in competitive exams and in some practical occasions, steps that were done before is still not enough because competitive exam questions and practical applications will not be having easy problems that you faced in books. So get a competitive exam materials like related question banks( Its good to have Individual Book for every subject). Practice lot of questions until you exhaust.
Revise from your notes periodically so that you don't forget. Revision is only way to stick your concepts in your mind permanently. These are considered to be essentials when you prepare for competitive exams. Following this strategy will sure to keep you in success path.

Now it's Time for Motivation:

Best Strategy to Crack Competitive Exams

Your comments are my motivation. Awaiting for your ideas.

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  1. So now do we have to write GRE or only GRE subject test (Math) or both if we want to join a grad college or they are all just moot now ?

    GRE Reading Comprehension


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