May 2, 2016

Electrical Circuits - Complete Preparation Materials for GATE,IES and Competitive exam Aspirants.

Yes! The subject Electrical Circuits, Circuit Theory and Circuits & Networks resembles alike with just different names. Electrical Circuits is common to Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering Branches. That's why these branches most often promoted as circuit branches. The concepts under electrical circuits are essential for preparing Analog circuits, Power Electronics, Measurementation and Instrumentation and sometimes in digital electronics too. The major part of questions from Electrical circuits can be seen at competitive exams, you can realize this from while solving previous year question papers.

So, What's the objective of this article?
This article answers you the following questions.
  1. What strategy to be implemented for preparations?.
  2. What are the best online tutorial programs(MOOC's)?.
  3. What are the books to be used for preparation?.
  4. Practice questions and solved question papers.
  5. Informative websites for reference.
Bonus material : Already prepared notes for electrical circuits is attached.

Strategy for Preparing Electrical Circuits for Competitive Exams.

Developing the Strategy is not a simple thing. So I made a separate article covering the Best strategy for Preparing competitive exams. Please refer the following link to learn more about detailed strategy making.
Best Strategy To Crack Competitive Exams-Ten Steps From Experienced Aspirant
Electrical Circuits Video Tutorials .

The massive open online courses (MOOC) which provide you the real classroom experiences for you. Tutorials provided are from world renowned universities thought by extraordinary professors. This is at most enough for making your concepts strong. Even the beginners and  aspirant new to the subject can feel easy. Please make a notes from lectures. It will be useful for your revision. Here I provide ten links which is much more enough. It is not necessary to look all tutorial series, rather prefer your best convenience. Please refer the following link for video tutorial series.

Electrical Circuits Video Tutorial for Competitive Exam Aspirants 
Electrical Circuits Books to use.

1) Hayt and Kemmerly - "Engineering Circuit Analysis".
2) Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by alexander and sadiku.
3) Introductory Circuit Analysis by Robert L Boylestad.

Getting a hard copy of these books are recommended. To Download as a softcopy as ebooks.Please refer the following link.
Best Websites to Download Engineering Books Online.
Practice questions and solved question papers.

  1. has plenty of solved Practice questions and solved Gate questions from 1993 to 2015 as a video tutorial (also go through the entire website).
  2. Buy R.K Kanodia the 3 volume series which has only MCQ's and Practice questions. 

Informative websites for reference.

  1. : Electrical Engineering Concepts are well Explained 
  2. : Everything about Circuits.
  3. : For help with understanding and visualizing electromagnetics, transmission lines, antennas, and EMI for PCB design.
  4. :   Everything about machines and other mega stuff.
  5. :  Concepts Explained through animations.
  6. : Electrical Engineer Reference website.
  7. : Good study place for circuit theory.
  8. : Exploring Electrical Engineering through concepts.
  9. : We can say it is an online book for electronics and circuits

Bonus Study Materials:

Electrical circuit book by Ace academy as a scanned copy and hand written notes are provided as a bonus material. Click the Download button.

1.Ace Academy Study material.

2.Handwritten notes for Electrical circuits.

The Provided materials are created with deep effort and will be updated periodically. Hope this almost enough for preparing electrical circuits.For your further quires and needs can  be posted as comments.



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